Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GOiMarketing was a hit at the National Association of Realtors "NardiGras" Convention in New Orleans!

The GOiMarketing Team attended the 2010 National Association of Realtors National Expo in New Orleans over the past five day.
While meeting with MLS CEOs and Association Executives, the GOiMarketing was please with the great interest in their products and services as they pertain to the real estate industry. The RealtyTech team accompanied the GOI team with great success for both companies.

"We had a great show! The interest in GOiMarketing's skills and expertise is at an all time high right now. Now more than ever, corporations and individuals see the importance of a great internet presence for profits and branding."

Richard Uzelac, CEO, GOiMarketing.com

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Make Your Business' Facebook Page More Appealing

Now that you've created a Facebook page for your business (link to previous post?), it's time to make the page more appealing to potential visitors -- those people who are interested in purchasing your product or service. A Page is similar to a personal profile, but it's made to promote a business.

You can get "fans" or "friends" of your business' Facebook page when visitors click the "like" button.

But what's really terrific about Facebook pages for business is that these pages can get indexed by search engines, same as websites, blogs, etc. And, the more people you have who have "liked" your page, the more the search engine crawlers like your page, allowing it go even higher in search engine results.

How do you get more people to "like" your business' Facebook page? By making it something they'll want to visit again and again -- by making it more interesting.

There are several Facebook applications that can help you create an engaging, attractive page for your business.

Possibly the one you'll want to download first is Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language). This lets you customize the content and tabs of your page. Use this application, for example, to set your Facebook page as the default page visitors to your business' Facebook account will see when they visit (instead of the default account "wall" they normally land on when they go to your account).

Install Twitter and  RSS Feed Reader applications (as mentioned in our previous post). Connect the Feed Reader to your blog so that your Facebook page will show visitors when you've created a new post.

You may want to try Fan Apps, which helps you run giveaways, polls, promotions and sweepstakes on your page. You can even offer coupons with this app.

Have an upcoming event you want to promote? Download Eventbrite. It can even handle the ticket sales.

Change the look of your business Facebook page by using the FBML app to pull logos and other graphics from your website to your Facebook page. This helps brand your page to your business.

Engage in conversations with your fans and followers. Selling today is all about creating relationships and the more you connect with people online the more your business will grow.

Give GoiMarketing.com a call if you're interested in learning more about how creating a Facebook page for your business can bring you more business. We look forward to hearing from you!


Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

We talk a lot here about using Facebook as another tool in your online marketing arsenal. Here are more specifics about how the social media site can help you.

First, a "minor" fun fact: more than 500 million people worldwide have used Facebook (as of July 2010). Users tend, on average, to peruse the site for an average of 55 minutes a day.

So how can your company really use this powerful social media site as a marketing tool?

You now can set up a Facebook "page" for your company. You can do so and then set your profile so that this page becomes your Facebook home page, instead of the standard profile "wall" page.

You will have to sign up with a personal site to do this. We recommend keeping this Facebook account business-only, so use a business e-mail address, if possible, when you first set up your account.

You'll then see a "Page Manager" icon when you log in to your account and you'll go here to upload and enter content to your business page.

Since this is a Facebook presence for your business, change your account's settings so that your business' page becomes this account's home page, the first page any visitor will see when they visit your account's Facebook presence.

Be careful as you choose your name and category for your business' Facebook page. Consider the keywords your target audience uses in search engine searches when they're looking for the products and/or services you offer. Do so well and your Facebook page itself could come up high in search results.

Facebook provides several applications that can help your business' page get more exposure.

One of these you should use is Simply RSS (http://apps.facebook.com/simplyrss). This allows you to show RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds on your business' Facebook page, letting you display your the feed for your business' main website on your Facebook page.

Another great application is Twitter APP (http://apps.facebook.com/twitter). This app will make your tweets appear automatically on your Facebook status. It also places a Twitter icon next to that status, broadcasting for all your Facebook visitors that you're on Twitter, which will help you attract even more followers.

Social media requires that you participate regularly. Visitors want new content each time they visit. While we don't recommend that you spend more than 30 or so minutes a day updating your business' Facebook page, we do encourage you to update daily.

Make sure your posts are relevant to your business and your target market. Try to use keywords in your posts, as well. Ask for "friends" for your business and be sure to "friend" other businesses. You could "friend" direct competitors, but you definitely should link up with businesses similar to yours, but not direct competition. A maid service, for example, may want to "friend" carpet cleaners.

Just as backlinks from high-ranking sites to your main website help your main website rank higher in search engine results, the more profile pages and people you have linking to your business page, the more the search engine spiders will "crawl" it, giving your business' Facebook page higher ranking in search results.

Call GoiMarketing.com to create a great Facebook page for your business. We're social media and SEO experts and we would love to create an online presence for you that gets results -- growth and more sales for your company. Contact us today!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Richard Uzelac, GOiMarketing CEO, speaks on Real Estate Marketing

CEO and Founder of GOiMarketing, Richard Uzelac speaks about Marketing in the Real Estate Industry:

Here are some tips on how to beat the competition among real estate websites:

• Do keyword research into how home buyers or sellers search

• Make sure you have no broken links on your site

• Place original title tags on every page and make sure your meta description includes targeted keywords

• Your site should have original content with keywords

• Create a blog

• Participate on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others

• Consider starting a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Follwing these simple steps can go a long way when it comes to marketing real estate online.

- Richard Uzelac

Traditional Advertising Media: Still Worth Considering

Online marketing does bring you a terrific return on investment. In fact using such affordable marketing tactics as website optimization, article marketing, social media marketing, etc., guarantees that your message will be online forever.

Ads in newspapers, magazines, etc. last just as long as the amount of time you paid for them to run. Run an ad in a newspaper on Sunday and it's gone by Monday.

Still, there is value in offline marketing. Here are a few:

Newspapers know they're getting hit hard by online marketing so in an effort to keep apace, they're lowering their ad rates. If you decide to place ads in a newspaper, place tracking codes on them to see which are most effective (you'll need to ask new customers how they heard of you, of course; or you could require that they clip the ad and present it to you for a special offer). Consider placing an ad in the classified section -- serious buyers check the classifieds. Be sure to have a URL in the ad that points to a specific page on your site. And don't forget to ask your sales rep for reduced ad rates.

Placing an ad in a glossy magazine adds considerable credibility to your business. You may want to place several smaller ads in smaller publications instead of blowing your budget on a large ad in one magazine. In fact you might want to think about running a lower priced ad in the classified sections of several publications, especially if your product or service is geared to the budget conscious. Your product is deemed "more frugal" in the classifieds than it would be in a display ad. If you're selling a luxury product, opt for the display ad. Don't be afraid to tout your ad on your website: "As seen in Such and Such Magazine."

Television can be a terrific way to get people to go to your landing or sales page. Be sure to stay away from prime time -- way too expensive. If you're going to advertise in several markets, you may want to consider signing on with a media buying service; these often buy unsold ad time for pennies on the dollars

Billboards aren't as effective as you may believe. But if your billboard is in a good location, such as near an exit or, better yet, near the exit to get to your business ("Two miles on the right!"), they can be helpful. Aim to keep your ad's message to no more than five words and use one large graphic.

Did you notice that most of the "traditional" media ideas above are good for referencing people "back" to your website? A good website is essential to your business' success. When you want a great website, contact GoiMarketing.com. Websites are what we do, and we'd love to create one for you that brings you new business. Contact us today!